Kılıç Ambalaj ;

Founded in 1994 in Istanbul Sword Packaging, targeting growth since its creation, today's busy and competitive market, it acquired a permanent and secure place and do not always different, has experienced the joy of being able to offer first. All this brought the light of experience and professionalization is still our factory established on a total area of ​​18000 sqm, modern machinery, the company serves many national and international services with experienced employees. The company is quality, besides the purpose of acquiring efficiency environmentalism will always accepted as principles and those principles will continue to grow further in the light path.
Our Mission ;

Our quality of service we provide and to alternatives to our products,
Investing in and valuing employees, to ensure continued participation,
Product and quality assurance and believed it had to sustain,
Continuous development of consciousness to follow technological developments, and to make new investments,
National and international packaging industry preferred, reliable and continues to operate as a pioneer.


Our vision ;

Why be aware that the presence of customers,
We offer our quality products and service to our industry pioneer,
Customer-oriented work, in accordance with the principle of high business ethics and reliability, keeping the customer satisfaction at the highest level and become the first choice of our partners,
Time, materials, machinery and financial resources in the most efficient and planned manner using,
While a say in the packaging industry, the industry as a company that adds value to an environmental walk confidently into the future.